Source of Funds

  • Unrestricted Funds – Funds budgeted for College operations that have no limitations or stipulations placed on them by external parties.
  • Restricted Funds – Gift or grant funds that have restrictions placed by donors, or other external parties.
  • Auxiliary Funds – Funds generated by self-supporting activities such as Athletics, Housing, and Parking Services.
  • Plant Funds – Funds used for capital projects, repairs and renovations, and debt service.
  • Agency Funds – Monies held by the College acting as custodian or fiscal agent. These funds may be held on behalf of students, faculty, staff, organizations, or some other third party. 

Check Types

  • ! - Direct Deposit
  • W - Wire
  • C - Check
  • ACH - Automated Clearing House
  • PC - Procurement Card
  • I - IDT